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Module 6: Planning Indoor and Outdoor Environments

Course Number
This module considers the importance of the physical environment in early childhood programs. It begins with an overview of the essential elements of environments and how to design and equip indoor and outdoor environments to support children’s development and learning. You’ll then learn how to ensure that the environment welcomes all children and adults, promotes health and ensures children’s safety, and is aesthetically pleasing. Finally you’ll learn how to create support spaces for adults, including administrators, teachers, families, and other ancillary staff.


After completing Planning Indoor and Outdoor Environments, you will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the environment in communicating your program’s values   
  • Determine an appropriate balance between risk and challenge in indoor and outdoor environments   
  • Design and equip indoor and outdoor environments for children that are safe, educational, age appropriate, and aligned with your program’s values
  • Design and equip indoor and outdoor environments that are inclusive and bias free 
  • Create adequate spaces for administrative and support staff and for teachers to think, plan, and work together in partnership with families 

Additional Information

You have 90 days to complete the module, beginning the day you purchase the module.